Riding the Wave——2024 Semi-annual Sales Review Meeting

Release time: 2024 06 24


On June 12th, 2024, the GSP Semi-annual Sales Review Meeting was held in Wenzhou. CEO Richard Zhou, EMT leaders and sales teams attended the meeting to review the achievements of the first half year and look forward to last-half-year development.

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At the meeting, GSP showcased its impressive sales performance, reaching double-digit growth in both order sales and invoicing amounts, far exceeding the industry average. Notably, GSP has obtained significant results across various regions, maintaining strong market competitiveness.

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North America has become the region with the largest growth due to its sustainable growth momentum, followed closely by Europe. The Middle East has sustained growth for five consecutive years, holding the third-largest growth position. Africa, South America, and the Asia-Pacific region also performed well. In the domestic market, drive shafts have attained the peak completion rate, while steering & suspension, shock absorbers and other product lines have yielded satisfactory outcomes.

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V.P. of Marketing Charles Zhao attributed the success to the hard work and unremitting efforts of the team, emphasizing that future growth still requires the continued efforts of every GSPer. This aligned with the requirements of the "future-oriented" capability building proposed by the CEO Richard Zhou. He asked the marketing teams and other departments to set great goals for future growth. 

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In his concluding remarks, Richard Zhou pointed out that the key to marketing relies on accumulation and innovation. It is years of buildup that have brought GSP fast and sustainable development in the first-half year. Looking ahead, GSP will continue to maintain a keen market insight and excellent execution capabilities, making breakthroughs in the fierce market competition.

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